Costs and formats

Costs by quantity and by medium

Our   basic formats   for the posters have been evaluated to give you the best efficiency according to the circulation and work habits of the staff and taking into account the size of the places used by your employees.

On the chart below , find the unit cost by calculating the total number of posters   you want to order   which are of the same combination of format and support, no matter how many models  (images)   different.

For example :

3 posters   12 “x 18” on coroplast   “EPI 38”
3 posters   12 “x 18” on coroplast   “First Aid 10”
= 6 posters 12 “x 18” on coroplast at   $ 24 each


  •  Standard paper   is a 240mm thick satin finished paper product. It is flexible and can only be used indoors.
  •  Synthetic paper   is a polypropylene. It is very strong and flexible and it does not tear. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  •  Coroplast   is a rigid and waterproof plastic support that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  •  The Alupanel   is a new replacement product for aluminum. Two thin sheets of aluminum sandwiched with a layer of black polypropylene. Its total thickness is 4 mm. Mainly used outdoors, it offers a longer life.

Feel free to submit your needs, we will try to meet your expectations.

The importance
   of   good   poster format

The choice of the right format is more than important! Our basic formats have been evaluated in order to offer you the best impact according to the circulation and working habits of the staff and taking into account the different spaces used for the work.

See   formats

Which format to choose?

To choose right, move into the work environment, select the best place for the display and measure the distance between the poster and the workers. The more workers are far away, the bigger the size of the posters.


It’s better to have one or two large or very large posters than 12 small ones.