Effective posters

Do you want to know why a poster is effective or not?


You only have four seconds!

Do you know that you only have four seconds to draw an employee’s attention to a poster that you place on his or her attention!   One person walks on average 4 km per hour. In four seconds, she travels a distance of five meters. Your poster should be compelling to attract are attention.

You must only use seven words!

Seven is the maximum number of words that the human mind can easily remember. The human brain is lazy, it tries to make the least effort possible. The choice of words is therefore very important in communication. You must try to summarize in seven words the message you want to convey.

You do not have a large choice of colors!

The contrast of colors as well as the choice of colors become very important. The biggest color contrasts are: yellow and black, white and red, and white and black. To receive a PDF of the color contrasts, contact Jacques Cormier at info@affichagesst.com .

The color code in sst !

Health security is based on a color code. Red for hazards, yellow for risks and green for services. Posters on a yellow background or a red background reinforce the importance of the message you want to convey.Yellow background equals risk and red background equals danger.

A picture is worth a thousand words !!

That’s true, but the right choice of the image is important. The image must reinforce the text to make a message with impact.

You only have one month, possibly two!

The maximum life of a poster is two months. After that, she is part of the work environment and the employees do not see her anymore. Posters that have been in place for six months are no longer affective .   An advice :   Change placards, rotate them, or use several different posters on the same theme. People do not react in the same way to the texts used.

Small or large format!

A small format is less efficient than a large format to impact your communication. It is better to have only one big poster well placed than several small posters. Small posters should be placed at eye level. As for large posters, the bottom of the poster should be placed at eye level.

Make your display profitable!

Place a poster in parallel with a traffic corridor reduces its exposure time. Instead, place the poster at the end of the corridor, thus increasing the exposure time. Consider the lighting, a poster in a dark corner loses its effectiveness.

To finish   : four seconds, seven words, a good photo, the right color, the right contraste , the right format, the right location. If you can not do it, Affichage SST can help you:   info@affichagesst.com

We invite you to discover all our posters that have been created according to these rules.


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