More information about Affichage SST

Looking to do prevention?

Work dynamics, the need for productivity, routine and inattention mean that in everyday life, everyone faces risk situations that can lead to work-related accidents.
You can not spend your days watching everything!

Accomplice in innovation!

We propose to be complicit in your prevention activities with different and innovative tools that will have the effect of raising staff awareness.
No more little drawings!

More dynamic approaches!

The work environment is not always conducive to display. It must therefore be ensured that awareness-raising tools will be effective and have a major impact on workers. We must also be able to maximize the investment made in prevention. That’s why we’ve created and will continue to create prevention visuals combined with dynamic presentation tools. The combined display with a training program, will help you set up structured prevention programs.

Customization energizes your approaches!

All our prevention concepts can be customized to your work environment, your productivity dynamics, your staff, your themes. We can therefore modify each of our concepts to adapt them to your problems, for example by adding your company logo, the theme specific to your communication needs, by changing the colors.

For us, there are no limits!