Multiple panels without accidents

Combine the objectives of prevention to the objectives of human resources!

Below you will find several examples of uses that can be made of the panels we offer.   All this from a single panel . We understand that they require more work from you, but they offer so much more. All our panels are custom made according to your goals and your needs.

With a non-permanent marking pen finish, whether PVC or steel, which offers the possibility of using magnets to place information such as memos or posters, our panels offer you flexibility.

Panel as you will receive it.The left section will be customized to your business …

Here are some examples of what you can do. Examples of texts written with non-permanent marker pens.

On a steel panel, you can place it with magnets, posters, photos, memos, reports, etc.

These are examples,   ALL   can be modified for your needs.

We can offer posters to place monthly on your panel.

We offer the format that suits you with the content that suits you and your logo. We also offer the possibility of placing it in an aluminum frame with locked door or not.

Here are some examples of what you can do with your panel:

  • Greet the return of an employee;
  • Welcome visitors;
  • Welcome students and warn them of possible risks;
  • Set weekly or monthly goals;
  • Inform employees of high-risk traffic areas;
  • Highlight employee results;
  • Highlight birthdays, births, good moves, proposed improvements.

Divide expenses by involving other departments.

With interchangeable strips on magnetic, to place in the center or on the right of the panel to replace “Objectives of the month:” you transform your panel, it becomes a multi-service tool.

You choose the color and the content, we make it for you.

Your panel becomes a communication tool constantly renewed,   which keeps the interest of the employees , which can not do an electronic panel which always diffuses the same information.

Create interest in staff by constantly changing your panel.

Our option offers you a lot more.