All our posters are digital, so it is possible to modify them.

Personalization offers the dual benefit of presenting accident prevention equipment to staff that is tailored to the company and reflects the company’s values and its commitment to the health and safety of its employees.
Personalization also makes it possible to generate a more global communication if, following the display, you integrate this same theme into your training, monitoring and promotion activities.
Basic customization consists of adding your company logo and adding your theme or slogan in text mode.

The cost   of basic customization is $ 55 for each of   models   you want to customize. Indeed, the cost of customization only applies to the poster template and not to each poster.

Example: for the poster template      Accident 2   “The first copy cost in medium format coroplast, $ 100 ($ 45 for a copy of the poster and $ 55 for personalization). Other posters      Accident 2      will only cost $ 45 each.
The customization of a poster is billed only once, even if several different formats of this personalized poster are ordered.

Your logo   must reach us by email, saved in vector mode   Illustrators CS3   ( extention .ai or .eps ). Any other mode may incur a minimum additional cost of $ 75 to put your logo in vector format. We will notify you when we receive your logo, if additional fees apply.

Your theme   must be emailed to us and must be free from mistakes. We are not responsible for spelling mistakes in the texts provided by customers.

Delays :   It takes about 5 days before we return the customization template for approval before production. Following acceptance, 10 days must be allowed for the final delivery (shipping costs not included).