Poster Frames

Create a display habit and protect your investment!

Affichage SST gives you the opportunity to acquire frames   Monocoque LF   to protect your posters. These black and gray frames are designed to allow the rotation of posters in the company or to change them regularly.

You can acquire several formats and create exclusive locations in the company for health and safety displays. Of course, these places must be strategic and chosen in such a way as to sensitize as many employees as possible.


LF Monocoque Frame Description

A professional display system while remaining within the limits of a moderate budget. Dubbed LF to highlight its main qualities, lightness and flexibility, this monocoque frame is made of foam PVC (6mm or 1/4 “) which makes him the thinnest and most discreet.

The poster is protected by a screen printed in PET-G with a silver gray border, and on which a special anti-graffiti treatment has been applied. The magnetic opening system operates with a suction cup allows a simple and fast display requiring no physical force.

Used only indoors for a single-sided display, Monocoque LF can be screwed directly into a wall. There are four holes inside for installation.

Basic formats of frames  

Our basic formats correspond to the basic formats of our posters.

Unit cost    

Small frame   :   For 12 “x 18” posters (30.5 cm x 45.7 cm)            $ 94 each

Frame size: 15 “x 21” (38 cm x 53.3 cm)                                70 euros piece

Minimum order of 5 frames

Middle frame:   For 16 “x 24” posters (40.6 cm x 61 cm)           $ 140 each

Frame size: 20 “x 27” (51cm x 68.6cm)                                  98 euros piece

Minimum order of 3 frames

Large frame:   For 24 “x 36” posters (61 cm x 91.5 cm)             $ 204 each

Frame size: 27 “x 39” (68.6 cm x 99 cm)                                  148   euros piece

Minimum order of 2 frames

Prices in effect on June 26, 2017.

exemple de cadre d'affiche


Add a frame   to protect your “Days without accident” sign!

  • Aluminum frame, with or without lock, for protect your data .
  • This framework also offers the possibility of being used with magnets .
  • Clear polycarbonate unbreakable .

Price upon request.   Contact Us   !