Tips for displays


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   – If you want to change the behavior of employees facing a problem, you must communicate with them several times. You should know that after two to three months a poster is part of the work environment and is no longer seen by staff .

2   – Placing twelve posters on twelve issues at the same time will not achieve the goal you hope for. We recommend dividing your year into four or six periods and making each of these periods a unique activity for a single theme.

3   – Select posters based on the nature of your business and the risk assessment in your business. If you can not find, please contact us.

4   – Place signs near where employees are traveling. Small posters should be placed at eye level. The bigger the poster, the higher you can place it.

5   – Install the posters taking into account the lighting, if necessary provide additional lighting. A poster in a dark corner loses 75% of its impact.

6   – Change posters frequently or change their location to keep employees engaged. The more posters you move, the more attention you keep.

7   – Another way to hold employees’ attention is to use several models on the same theme.   OSH Display   offers you several models in each category .

8   – The size of the posters is a factor that should not be overlooked. You will understand that a 12 “x 18” (30 cm x 45 cm) poster in a work environment that is 100 ‘x 100’ (30 by 30 m) may go unnoticed. In this same place, a 32 “x 48” (81 cm x 122 cm) poster   will be perfectly visible and will have impact .

9   – Since posters are often placed on walls, you need to consider the distance between the poster and the employee. A small poster placed 30 m away will certainly not have much impact on employees.

10   – Do not put posters in the cafeteria, employees do not like. On the other hand, the toilets are a good place.

11   – Inform the management and team leaders of the OHS prevention activities that will take place in the coming year.

12   – It is better to favor one or two large posters than several small ones.

Use the poster to support and reinforce your message of prevention!