Training for forklifts

Affichage SST is a partner with OUFSST in forklift training. Available in French, English and Spanish!

OUFSST   offers training services aimed at eliminating or reducing the potential risks of workplace accidents in the workplace, before a visit by a CSST inspector.


OUFSST   can analyze your needs, advise you and train your workers to avoid   PHEW   !   “


OUFSST   offers tailor-made training, individual or group, in company or in center, concerning   the :

  • Forklifts
  • Lift platforms
  • Lifting devices


The trainings relate to:

  •   Regulations;
  •   Company policies and procedures;
  •   The user manual;
  •   The characteristics of the forklift and its safety equipment;
  •   Stability;
  •   The capacity plate and its location;
  •   Inspection before use;
  •   The start;
  •   Travel with and without charge;
  •   The pedestrians;
  •   Handling of loads;
  •   Ramps and slopes;
  •   Lifting, lowering and keeping workers high;
  •   Elevators or hoists;
  •   Hazards specific to the workplace;
  •   The procedure for stopping the forklift truck that the operator must perform before   to leave his post;
  •   Refueling and refilling.


To join   Jacques Martel from   OUFSST   :

438-381-7911 /

Montreal / Trois-Rivières / Quebec / Laval