Panel 5S

A place for each tool and tool in its place!

The 5S panels are large hooked panels on which the silhouettes of the tools you use in the company are drawn to scale. Each tool therefore has a precise storage space and employees can quickly find the tool they are looking for.   5S panels aim at continuous improvement of the tasks performed in the companies.

The application of 5S serves several purposes:

  •  Lighten the workspace of what is useless
  •  Organize the workspace efficiently
  •  Improve the state of cleanliness of the premises
  •  Prevent the appearance of dirt and mess
  •  Encourage self-discipline efforts

The entire system also allows   :

  • Improve working conditions and staff morale
  •  Reduce time and energy costs
  • To reduce the risk of accidents and / or sanitary
  • Improve the quality of production
Panneaux 5S

5S panels help improve production management!

More precisely, the 5S panels:

  • Used to differentiate the tools used to   maintenance   of those who serve to clean food manufacturing machines
  • Used to differentiate the tools serving   for indoors and outdoors.
  • In alupanel
  • Have a colored background to differentiate different 5S panels
  • Made to measure according to your needs   and take into account the spaces available in the company
  • Each tool is drawn to scale and reproduced on the panel
  • Hooks allow employees to hang tools on panels
  • Maximum size 48 “high (up to 96” wide)


Here are some examples of 5S panels made for food companies:

Panneaux 5S

In the examples below, the complete tools are presented on the models to take into account the overall space that the panel will require for its installation. Each tool is measured and drawn to scale. The final panel will be only the red part.

Panneaux 5S-3Panneaux 5S-4

Panneaux 5S-5

Panneaux 5S-6

Origin of the 5S method

The method of   5S   is a technique of   management   aimed at the continuous improvement of the tasks carried out in the enterprises.

It derives its name from the first letter of each of five operations constituting so many slogans or simple principles   :

Seiri   (整理,   tidy up )   :   delete the useless

Seiton   (整頓,   order )   :   situate things

seiso   (清掃,   cleaning )   :   (make) twinkle

Seiketsu   (清潔,   clean )   :   standardize the rules

Shitsuke   (躾,   education )   :   follow and progress

This approach is sometimes translated into French by the word   ORDER   which means   :

O rdonner

R anger

D dust,   To discover anomalies

R evident endre

Be rigorous

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