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Shop your posters among more than 50 different occupational health and safety topics and more than 800 poster templates for prevention in the workplace!

How it works?

It’s very simple! Affichage SST produces customized posters that you choose in our shop, depending on the format and media you choose! All our posters are designed and manufactured in Quebec.

Professional quality

At Affichage SST, we value the quality of our products and the services we offer. We use digital printing in any format or medium.

The choice of the right format is more than important!

Move around the work environment, select the best place for the display and measure the distance between the poster and the workers. The further the workers are, the more you have to enlarge the poster format.On each product page, find our table Recommended formats based on the distance between the poster and the employees .

Why have several models of posters in the same theme?

To change the behavior of workers facing a problem, you will have to communicate with them several times. You must know that after two months, a poster is part of the work environment, decor, and is no longer seen by staff. By changing the posters, you will renew their attention on the same subject, reinforcing the message.

PO / Purchase Order

We accept the order forms. Here’s how to proceed:

  • You must   attach the PDF file of your purchase order   to your online order. To do so, on one of the product pages you order, click on the button   Send a file   then select your order form.
  • Then, when you make the payment, at step 5:   Payment method ,   select the option   Check – Money order   and   tell us the # of purchase order in the box
  • Warning   : If you choose the type of payment   Check   and that you do not attach the file of your purchase order, Affichage SST will wait to receive the payment before shipping the posters.

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